Homework for February 26

Read Chapters Three and Four in Papper.

Watch, listen and read the news.

Complete your video and bring it to class.

Remember your Flash Drive


Read Chapters One and Two in Papper

Watch, listen to and read the news.

Write a script based on the video you shot.

You can follow the format that I outlined here. Because you don’t have sound bites you will likely have one long track, or two tracks with a natsot break.

I posted the terms and the formats for scripting writing on the site. So look for that post.

Submit your script to me via email by 5 p.m. on Monday, February 12. Once I approve it, you can record your TRACK(s) on your phone and edit your story. We’ll work on it in the next class when we meet on Tuesday, February 20th.

You’ll find a typical split-page script template below and a CNN script without a split page.




(the clips you want                    TRACK: 1

to use)                                           SOT:

(locator lower-thirds)               TRACK:  2

(names of interviewees)           SOT

JANET JONES                               SOT:

1:36 (TIME CODE)                      TRACK: 3


BABYLON, L.I.                               NATSOT: (POLICE





Sample Script from CNN

This is a reporter’s script without editing instructions.


The pilots of Swiss Air Flight 111- bound for Geneva from JFK- notice a strange smell in the cockpit less than an hour after take off..



Then they see small amounts of smoke..

Concerned — they ask to land at the nearest airport.

This is the air traffic control tape from that night…still haunting all these years later..


Air Traffic Control tape

**Must font these**

pilot: Swissair one eleven heavy is declaring Pan Pan Pan. We have uh smoke in the cockpit, uh request (deviate), immediate return uh to a convenient place, I guess uh Boston.

ATC: Swissair one eleven roger … turn right proceed …uh … you say to Boston you want to go?

ATC: //Uh Would you prefer to go into Halifax?

Pilot: //Affirmative for Swissair one eleven heavy. We prefer Halifax from our position.


Bill Pickrell was the air traffic controller talking to the pilots.

sot: Bill Pickrelll // former Air Traffic Controller 12:47:41

It was a fairly straight forward operation, uh, up to the point where they advised that they needed to dump fuel.


The plane reaches the coast of Nova Scotia…

natsot: Air Traffic Control tape

ATC: You’ve got thirty miles to fly to the threshold.

Pilot: Uh we need more than thirty miles


The pilots are worried about landing with so much fuel on board.

NATSOT Air Traffic Control tape

ATC: Swissair one eleven when you have time could I have the number of souls on board and your fuel onboard please for emergency services.

Pilot: Roger, at the time uh fuel onboard is uh two three zero tonnes. We must uh dump some fuel…

Standup: Randi Kaye

The Captain then makes a fateful decision. The plane is only 25 miles from the airport but instead of heading straight there for a landing, he takes the plane over water to dump fuel. Neither he nor the co-pilot have any idea there’s a fire just above the cockpit.

Natsot: Air Traffic Control tape

pilot: Swissair one eleven heavy is declaring emergency

(Roger) we are between uh twelve and five thousand feet we are declaring emergency now at ah time ah zero one two four.

ATC: Roger.

pilot: Eleven heavy we starting dump now we have to land immediate.

SOT: Bill Pickrell // Former Air Traffic Controller // 12:53:13

in the background I could hear the uh warning alarm for autopilot disconnecting. And he told me verbally at the same time that he was flying the plane manually that the autopilot had disconnected.

Natsot: Air Traffic Control tape

And we are declaring emergency now Swissair one eleven.


That is the last transmission from Swiss Air flight 111. The transponder also fails..but the plane is close enough to the airport that radar can strill track it as it makes an unexpected turn to the west..


Bill Pickrell // former Air Traffic Controller // 12:56:55

Whether it was a manual input from the pilots or what the reasoning was, they flew for probably 2 or 3 minutes west and then did an 180 degree turn headed back and at that point we thought maybe they had control of the airplane but uh, they turned again and headed out toward the ocean and uh then the aircraft disappeared.


The plane slams into the Atlantic ocean 16 minutes after smoke was first reported.. hitting with such force it explodes into two million pieces..

Everyone is killed. Only one body is recovered intact.

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder – found days later- reveal the fire had caused the pilot’s flight screens to go dark.. making it nearly impossible to discern up from down..

Randi Kaye CNN New York.



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