Assignment Due March 22, 2021

Shooting Exercise 

Shooting sequences: Wide shot, medium, closeup, over the shoulder or a reverse angle shot, and a creative shot. 

Edit your sequences on Premiere individually. Export each one to show in class on Monday. You do not need to TRACK  the sequences.

You do not need to send them to me. But be prepared to show the sequences in class.

This video on the class website gives a good example:

Use your tripod.

  1. Shoot an intersection near your house.
  • Shoot a subway entrance.
  • Shoot someone doing something in your kitchen, if possible. This is hard because it’s tricky to get all the shots in tight spaces.
  • Shoot people shopping for groceries. They could be going in and out of a bodega or a deli. 
  • Shoot people walking on the street. 
  • Shoot someone, or people, doing something in a park near where you live. 

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