Assignment for October 18

Write a pitch for a story that you want to report.

This will be a package with interviews (SOTs), NATSOT, Tracks and maybe a standup.

In the pitch tell us:

What the story is about?

Why is this important, fun, relevant or interesting?

Who will you interview?

Where will you shoot the interviews?

What b-roll or footage will you get for your story.

The Pitch

You want to do a story about teachers who refused to get vaccinated. Great. That’s an idea. It is not a pitch.

Here is a pitch:

New York City required all teachers to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 97 percent complied. But what about the three percent?

I’ll tell the story of a few teachers who refused to get vaccinated and find out why they refused. Their refusal may leave their schools short-staffed and their students without a teacher.

I can interview, Sara Jones, Phyllis Walker and Keisha Lamar. They have agreed to do a sit down interview with me in a park near my house. As a backup, I have permission to go to a local community center to do the interview.

In addition to the interviews, I will shoot footage of the three women separately in their homes or out in the street.

I will also shoot them together and will get shots of the schools where they teach. I will try to get reactions from parents at those schools and maybe from other teachers. I will ask the Department of Education for a statement.

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