VO Scripts From NBC News

September 18, 2022

But first to Puerto Rico.https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news

The category one storm plunging the entire island American territory into

a blackout. Its pounding winds triggering flood slides and catastrophic flooding. Destroying roads and setting Puerto Rico back from its painful and lingering recovery from Hurricane Maria. Almost five years ago to the day from that deadly encounter.

President Biden here in London to attend a service for the Queens signing an emergency declaration as efforts begin to bring help.


In Alaska we are getting a closer look today at the damage caused by one of the strongest storms to hit that state in nearly 50 years.The remnants of a typhoon brought with it hurricane force winds and an historic storm surge. So far no deaths or injuries have been reported. But coastal flood alerts will remain throughout Monday morning. 3:06

Dramatic video from a security camera caught the moment children fled as a ceiling of a sports center collapsed. Everyone got out uninjured. The quake also caused a building to topple trapping people inside. There you can see an official rescuing a child from the rubble. As of now, only one person has been reported killed.

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