In this course, we will focus on honesty and ethics as you analyze the work of TV journalists and learn the crafts of writing, shooting video, editing video, producing and presenting a news story.

During this semester, each class will have two goals: to look at television news and events from an academic and analytical perspective, and to provide instruction that gives you a hands-on approach to producing visually compelling news stories.

You’ll learn to use the active voice to write clearly and concisely for broadcast, visual and digital media; how to gather information; how to hone your interviewing skills, how to shoot video on a traditional camera and your phone; how to write, edit, narrate, produce and present a television news story. In addition to producing at least one TV news package, you’ll also produce a V.O., a V.O. SOT and a live report.

Because social media plays a big role in disseminating information, we’ll also explore opportunities to use social media to share our stories and ideas.

Be prepared to commit yourself to learning the storytelling crafts and producing solid journalism that will make you proud.