Final Assignment




Our final class is scheduled for Monday, December 11. Final exams run until December 19.  That means completed stories are due on December 4. In the time-honored tradition of journalism, it is likely that you will have to revise your stores slightly and polish them. If three quarters of the class does not have a finished project on December 4.  we will meet on December 18.  So that we can all view completed projects on December 18, the day set aside for final exams.



First Assignment

Monday August 28,

Use your phone to shoot a story of about 1:00 in neighborhood or on campus.

Put the video in Google Drive, or email it to yourself.

You will use your video on September 11 to begin to learn Premier and write a TV news script.



First Assignment Now The Second Assignment

Read Chapters  1 and 2 in Broadcast News and Stylebook by Robert A. Papper

Find a story on campus or in your neighborhood that you can tell in about one minute, and shoot it with your phone, device or camera. Take notes. Think about how you want to shape this report.