Script for Snow Story



Leonard Gordon Park in Jersey city  nj is the place to be on a night like this. For snow lovers of all ages all you need is a sled…or a makeshift one.  

There’s no other hills like these I wanna get sleds some people just use garbage bags it’s the spot to be though 

While they enjoyed the Snowfall …others did not. 
earlier in the evening at the journal sq station we talked to commuters who were catching the last PATH trains 
service was suspended as of 3 PM due to the storm 

((SOT)) Tasha Fason 
It was slippery it was Wind blowing 
I came all the way from corona queens To come home to not get stuck in the path 

((Sot)) No font 

Trains are very very delayed… no buses  …but It’s hard to walk ((NATS WIND))
Pummeling Winds and heavy accumulationThis storm had all the makings of a classic nor’easter A Snow moving epic snowstorm the biggest one in years 
We found people trying to keep up with the storm and start clearing the snow before more fell. 
Governor Phil Murphy says the state has  3900 pieces of snow removal equipment at the ready. He’s pleading with residents to stay off the roads. 

((Murphy Sot)) 
If you must be out please god be careful but if you don’t need to be out do not go out, and you don’t need to be out safely on your way home lock the door sit on the couch And stay home Until further notice 
End pkg

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